We believe educators are the soul of a school and the determining factor for the success of each and every student’s school life. For this reason, RED HOUSE appreciates and invests in its faculty, in an environment filled with respect and affection.

RED HOUSE teachers are in constant development, and are challenged to stay up-to-date and to pursue self-improvement. The school has developed a professional training system suitable to the highest degree of excellence to which RED HOUSE educators further attain in their regular interaction with directors, coordinators, and specialized in different areas of knowledge. All IB World schools also attend the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) course, an international methodology accepted in schools and universities in Brazil and in several countries around the world.

Pedagogical activities are supervised and evaluated by specialists in order to improve the quality of teaching in the classrooms. Specialists and teaching staff are co-authors of the work at the school.
Interaction with other education professionals from Brazil and from around the world are encouraged through external courses, conferences as well as national and international workshops where RED HOUSE educators have the opportunity to keep abreast with the best and most current educational practices in the world.
Teachers often attend academic meetings, in which they have contact with cutting-edge research in education.
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