In Sao Paulo, RED HOUSE also offers extracurricular activities and ESP (Extended School Period) extend students’ school life after regular class hours.


Programs are flexible and it is possible to choose the number of weekdays desired by families who want to keep their children in an extended period of time at school.

The ESP works on the development of students’ cognitive skills recreationally, respecting the needs and interests of each age group, available from Monday to Friday. There is also the lunch-only option for Toddler and K3 classes.

ESP (Campus Pacaembu)- Toddler and K3 
Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 3:40 pm or 12:00 to 5:00 pm.

RED HOUSE also promotes Summer Camps and Winter Camps on January and July breaks as options for families who do not go away during school recess. The camps have recreational purposes with a fun program filled with play, games, sports, cooking and entertaining tours.

Check out the activities available on your campus of interest. 

In Sao Paulo, extracurricular activities are offered to kids over two years old. They were designed to develop different skills in students and stimulate interpersonal relationships among children. The classes are taught in English by RED HOUSE teachers and in Portuguese by partnering teachers, experts in their fields. The minimum number of students per class is of 4 and the maximum is 12.

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