Assessment is a key part of RED HOUSE’s teaching and learning process.  Process evaluation is central to guiding students and teachers on a conscious path of knowledge acquiring and teaching approaches.

Evaluations are carried out daily and take into account several elements in every school subject, such as student’s performance in individual and group activities; oral and corporal expression, content understanding, attitude development, social-emotional skills domain, among others. As an integral part of teaching, assessments also take place in informal situations, enabling a more ample and in-depth view of students’ learning.

Furthermore, there are two fundamental steps in the elementary school evaluation process. I. The first one counts on students’ self-evaluation, which helps them recognize possible difficulties and advancements in their own learning process and plan future steps with their teacher’s guidance.

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The second step is the active participation of parents, who report to school on a quarterly basis on their perceptions and future expectations related to their children’s learning and education. This step provides a closer partnership between family and school for children education.

Based on evidence collected quarterly, it is possible to analyze the learning process of each student individually and, therefore, develop a custom plan consistent with the progress of each child, respecting their history, life moment and individual traits. In order to enable effective learners, the objectives defined for the following quarters are discussed openly between students and teachers.

The school shares formally with parents a detailed report with their children’s personalized evaluation criteria and carries out an individual meeting with every family. At the meeting, the student achievements during a study period are discussed, as well as goals set for the following quarter.

In addition to the procedural assessment, from Year 2, RED HOUSE also completes the assessment by conducting monthly tests of all school subjects.

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