RED HOUSE offers Early Childhood Education and Elementary School Education. Every year, as our students graduate, classes in a new grade are made available to ensure continued and robust growth for the school.

Our admissions process begins with a pedagogical (online or face-to-face) presentation to families. In this presentation, the Pedagogical Coordination explains about our history, methodology, details of the school program, times, meals, among other information, and addresses any further queries families may have.

The next step is to fill out the Application Form and submit the application documents so that families can schedule an individual conversation with the RED HOUSE Pedagogical Coordination. From the 3rd year of elementary school (Year 3) and higher, a face-to-face experience with the applicant student and the pedagogical team may take place.

The Admissions team receives applicants’ families on individual school visits by appointment, and follows them up throughout the admissions process.

Because our students are of foreign and Brazilian background, we receive applications for enrollment all year around. See further details and schedule an admissions visit with the RED HOUSE Admissions team from the campus you wish to apply.

Book your place on a pedagogical presentation session to start the admissions process, filling out the form on the side. If you prefer, please contact the desired campus directly:


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São Paulo +
Pernambuco +
Paraná +
Museu do Ipiranga
Santo André

Campus Pacaembu – SP:
Rua Eng. Edgar Egídio de Souza, 444
Pacaembu – São Paulo (SP)
F: +55 (11) 2309-7999 | +55 (11) 97125-1177(Whatsapp) |

Campus Higienópolis – SP:
Rua Albuquerque Lins, 773
Higienópolis – São Paulo (SP)
F: +55 (11) 2309-7999 | +55 (11) 97125-1177 (Whatsapp) |

Campus Villa-Lobos- SP:
Rua Froeben, 581
Vila Leopoldina – São Paulo (SP)
F: +55 (11) 3835-2787 | +55 (11) 91107-0049|

Campus Museu do Ipiranga:
Rua Costa Aguiar, 1.013
Ipiranga – São Paulo (SP)
F: +55 (11) 4934-5777 | +55 (11) 98170-3777 (Whatsapp) |

Campus Santo André:
Rua das Goiabeiras, 737
Bairro Jardim – Santo André (SP)
F: +55 (11) 5108-0797 | +55 (11) 99919-1815 |

Campus Jundiaí:
Rua Rodrigo Soares de Oliveira, 400
Anhangabaú – Jundiaí (SP)
F: +55 (11) 3964-2500 (Whatsapp) |

Campus Recife:
Rua Confederação do Equador, 77
Graças – Recife (PE)
F: +55 (81) 2011-7777 |

Campus Curitiba:
Rua Tobias de Macedo Júnior, 1036
Santo Inácio – Curitiba (PR)
F: +55 (41) 99214-4637 (Whatsapp) |

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