RED HOUSE Ipiranga is located in the heart of the historic neighborhood of Ipiranga in Sao Paulo, in a beautiful mansion from the 1920s that has been restored and adapted to school facilities. It has a large green area, full of trees and gardens. The external space also has a vegetable garden, orchard, lake and a sports court. Internally, the infrastructure comprises a music room, Maker Space, library, art room and an indoor playground.

In this campus, the classic meets the modern and students will be able to experience wonderful outdoor experiences, as well as discoveries in classrooms strategically planned with a focus on students’ intellectual and socio-emotional development.

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Campus Museu do Ipiranga
Rua Costa Aguiar, 1.013
Ipiranga – São Paulo (SP)
F: +55 (11) 4934-5777 | +55 (11) 98170-3777 (Whatsapp)

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